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This is the most unknown and underrated aspect of a carpet for the average person. The cushion of your carpet determines how the ground responds to movement. That means it controls if your footfalls feel heavy and whether you feel a bounce with each step. These are things that affect mobility and acoustics more than design, though it may have a slight impact on it. The cushion is very important when choosing the right carpet as it will affect the thickness of the carpet, its shock absorption, carpet durability, insulation and acoustics. These are all important features that are important depending on where the carpet is being installed. You want a thicker carpet in a house with children prone to falling over while you may want ‘sound-proofing’ carpets in an audio studio. Do remember to mention the purpose of the carpet and ask about cushions to get the best for you. When I first walked on a carpet, all I could think was ‘this feels really nice’. I had no idea there was so much that could affect look and feel. But at least I learnt over time what would make my perfect carpet. And now you too know what to look out for. So, are you as in love with the feel of carpets as we are here? Do let us know how your carpet shopping goes. May you find the perfect balance of comfort and beauty.